About Us



The World Vegan Organization is a growing collective of vegan people, who endeavor to enable a more vegan world, by sharing their developments, with the vegan-friendly worldwide network.


This attempt, aims to make it easier to live an ethically vegan lifestyle, by addressing the various issues, and pointing people toward the proper sources of answers, community, and resource, as they relate to veganism.


We would like to help weave the fabric of worldwide vegan community, by working together, day to day, on common issues.


We work to make it easier to be vegan, by providing a coherent way of applying the vegan ethic to living in today’s world. We want to inspire more people to go vegan, by setting a good example of how everyone can lead a happy, healthy, successful, fulfilled, and vegan life.


Essentially, this will allow vegans to help each other, to help everyone. For informed vegans, this fosters the opportunity to share their advice and best ideas on various issues, including popular themes, as well as the exploration of new possibilities, for future advancements. We can share with each other, as well as address any questions, which may be asked by newcomers, or researchers, or curious folk.


Instead of only an unspoken individual exploration, in pursuit of a vegan lifestyle, here we endeavor to properly organize the various topics, which are relevant to living the most vegan life possible.


This should save a lot of redundant research, by a geographically diverse (vegan) population.