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[could possibly combine this document with the calendar, but that would not distinguish vegan action agendas, from social activities.]



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Jeffís Campaigns:

Boycott Meat.

††††††††††† Use substitutes. Be healthier. Improve your karma.


††††††††††† Donít use animal products.

††††††††††† Fur


††††††††††† Leather

††††††††††† Suede

††††††††††† Bone


Boycott Dairy.


Boycott Slavery (donít buy or sell animals!)


Boycott Animal Torture! Boycott animal testing! Free the Slaves! Stop the testing!

††††††††††† HLS, plus largest testing companies around


Boycott Pollution! Minimize gasoline use. Boycott Esso.

Move to a walking city, and donít bring a car!

††††††††††† (NY, Santa Cruz, Seattle, Ö[find paper list and put here])

Work toward clean, sustainable energy

Go Solar Now! It is possible, economical, and more independent!


Boycott trash and dumps!

Recycle everything.Make planned obsolescence obsolete. Art, obtainium, collect, re-engineer. Re-engineer wastefulness, so that everything we throw away, has a path to a new purpose, rather than a dump to go to.