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Products can be certified, such as by those listed in the Vegan Standards directory.


People, on the other hand, are usually bound by their honesty, knowledge & investigation into matters enabling them to be vegan.


Since many people are not clear about what vegan means, it would be most honest to investigate the meaning, before subscribing to it, and before labeling ourselves or others.


Here is a decent brief description of the distinctions between different types of diets of vegans and others.



Something interesting, I once heard from a guy who said heíd been vegan for over 7 years, was that it took 7 years for a body to completely replace every cell in itís body. So if he didnít accidentally eat anything that wasnít vegan, his whole body was made from vegan food. Iím not sure if itís that simple, but there are people who have been vegan their whole lives, with totally vegan parents before them. So it seems, in the end, if itís about the length of time one is vegan, there exists a great spectrum of examples. And extending well beyond the human race.




But since vegans, being a diverse group, affect the world in many ways,


Discussion About Raw Foodists

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Herbivore animals have always been raw foodists, until humans.

Except for raw foodists, who continue that tradition.

Except Herbivores have never had to prepare their food, just eat it.

If there was a raw foodist, who didnít prepare her/his food, just picked food off the vine, and cracked nuts like a squirrel, basically, and ate their diet with minimal effort, they might alone continue the normal carnivorous animal tradition.