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[once this article is published, people vegans, especially the young adult ones, might start flocking to these places]


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                                                See Book  (somewhat out of print )

Scotland the Green: The Alternative Guide to Vegetarian &

Vegan Hideaways in Scotland, by Jackie Redding




See Book



The Vegan Travel Guide - UK and Southern Ireland
by Vegan Society



A Vegan Taste of ___, by Linda Majzlik

(North)Africa, the Caribbean, France, India, ,

       is a directory of the top 16 vegetarian cities in the U.S.A., according to shows the top cities for vegan meetups




The top 10 vegan hubs and cities, and why they are ranked that way

            (a hub is a certain part of a town or city)



                        Vegan population, per square mile

                        Count of restaurants that serve no meat or dairy

                        Count of restaurants that serve decent vegan food

                        ?Where are biggest vegan-related organizations located, especially with a

public presence or open facilities.


Seattle, WA – has a lot of veg restaurants

London, England – has a lot of veg restaurants

Santa Cruz, CA – has a lot of veg restaurants

            Especially in the coop housing

            Especially at UCSC

            Especially downtown

Buffalo, NY –

Ann Arbor, MI

New York, NY – has a lot of veg restaurants



Also see top vegan countries…


Poll vegans, and find out how they rank the top vegan cities. Have them rank them in their own country, and worldwide.





If you’re picking a city, here are a few websites that can help

            See palm file i.e. ? tells you plenty about Santa Cruz for unanswered questions (found around the toothbrush dialogues)

greatest (american) city for vegan unity