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(free services, but on some your email address is posted publicly) allows people to make up their own profile, including a picture. It's simple, and itís free. allows people to make up their own profile, including a picture, like many pay services, but simply posts the posterís email address for anyone to reply to. Itís simple, and itís free. is a discussion board for singles, where you can make a posting or answer a post, get peopleís email address, and go from there. You do have to look through a lot of it, to find what youíre looking for, though the service is free. And you can see what was posted today. is a free service for dating, social networking & chat for vegan singles, but some members admit to being carnivores.





(This type of service generally keeps your information a little

more private, and they do have some services for free.) is great because you can sort for people who are vegan, if you want, and theyíve been around for a while. However, you do have to pay their subscription fee to initiate contact with people. Except that you can bookmark someone, and they will know. is another service that charges to initiate contact, and therefore keeps your info private, but does offer some services for free. has personal listings of members or you can do a topic search for vegan, animal rights, or vegetarian) This is more of a networking site than a singles or vegan one. Though getting groups to congregate may result in intimate or personal relationships. This service also isnít very effective in areas where there arenít enough people for a meetup to happen.


http://www.veggieromance.comis a personals service based in England, with members from there also, but also serving the U.S., Canada, and other countries is another service that charges to initiate custom contacts, but allows you to ďsmileĒ at someone, without paying. is a service that charges. I couldnít even browse the service without joining.