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WVO’s Definition

vegan – The ethic of, or person who lives by, consistently acting to promote the best possible situation for all who live. At a minimum, this includes avoiding the use of the animals, insects, or other living beings, dead or alive, or their parts or byproducts, such as for food, commodity, tools, decoration, or clothing. In the fuller sense, this includes examining and improving all aspects of living, to including living sustainability, and giving our support and business exclusively to responsible and ethical people and practices.

Traditional Definition

vegan - Eating no animal by-products. These include beef, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, gelatin, and honey. Honey is included because bees are nearly always ground into the honey, because the bees are nearly impossible to eliminate, or because taking honey from bees is unethical.

Other Definitions

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The founder and coiner of the word (Donald Watson) pronounced it “VEE-gn”


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