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            Whether it’s English, Spanish, Chinese, or American Sign Language, it is

important to express and establish, though the use of language itself, a tradition of

respect for animals.





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Learning about Veganism



Veganism was defined & the first Vegan Society formed in 1944 in England. is a (744 word, or ~2 pgs.) history of Veganism in America and UK, as told through the eyes of the American Vegan Society.



Vegan-Related Events


Colleges and Universities




            Why Vegan (




Also see, and search for books, and query for “vegan” or “vegan recipe” etc. They have listings for a lot of books, new and used, and even older ones that may be out of print, relating to vegan food and issues.


Vegan-related books, organized into 14 or so categories at


Also see 120+ vegan-related books at , i.e. search for


Vegan + Raw: The Raw Secrets: The Raw Vegan Diet in the Real World, by

Frederic Patenaude




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            Vegan Nutrition

                                                Basic Course in Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition, by George L. Eisman, is a program, reviewed here:  I think this book should be essential reading for all dieticians and health professionals. The format of the book is simple (just word processed with clipart), but the research behind the book is extensive, current, and the information is clearly presented. Last night I was reading this book along with a 750-page college textbook on nutrition. I found "A Basic Course" to contain fewer words, while still being more informative. Quizzes at the end of each chapter help to reinforce the information. I intend to complete the book, take the proctored tests, and get the certificate.

I'm not vegetarian, by the way, but I'm VERY compelled by the research: enough to want to eat much more healthfully.



Rosemary Amey (Toronto) - See all my reviews

I took the Vegedine course, which uses this material, a few years ago. Although I was initially skeptical about whether I would learn anything new, I was pleased to find that Eisman covers many topics to a far greater depth than I have seen in other vegetarian books.

The Basic Course in Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition will answer virtually any question you can think of on the subject. Not only is the course comprehensive, but Eisman has explained things in a readable and easy-to-understand way. Topics covered include carbs, fibre, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, digestion and absorption, vegetarian foods, diet-related chronic disease, and vegetarianism throughout the life cycle. After completing the course, you will be able to respond to questions not only from family and friends,but even from (less informed) health professionals (informed health professionals will not question a balanced vegan diet).

As a registered dietician and practicing vegan, Eisman is eminently qualified to write this authoritative work, in an intelligent way without any of the flaky or sensationalistic overtones found in some other books. Definitely a worthwhile investment of your time and money!


                        Not vegan but useful: Healing with Whole Foods, Paul Pitchford

            Vegan Lifestyle

                        Becoming Vegan

Vegan Ethics


Animal Liberation                   

            Cookbooks/ Recipes

                        How it All Vegan


See vegan book list (pretty much with Vegan in the title)


Here is a list of books

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Being Vegan(living with conscience, conviction, and compassion)C2000 -by Joanne Stepaniak, MSEd


The most noble diet(food selection and ethics)-George Eisman, RD Foreward by Michael Klaper, MD


Out of the Jungle(the way of Dynamic Harmlessness -H.Jay Dinshah) 5th Ed. 96pg. $7.95


Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating- Erik Marcus, Fwd by Howard Lyman. $16.95


Vegan and Vegetarian FAQ - Davida Gypsy Breier, nutrtion seleceyion by Reed Magels, Ph.D, RD


Vegan Sourcebook


Vegetarian Cookery, by Dr. Pietro Rotondi, L.A., Ca., C1942 (w/honey)


Gar Shu Cookbook,by Sanctilian (Upland Trails Press, Coolidge, Az. 1957 )


Rx recipes, by Doris Rosenvold MD (Hpoe Publications, Hope IDAHO, 1963)




A basic course in vegetarian and vegan nutrition-George Eisman, MA, MSc,RD $21.95 (tests extra)


Becoming Vegan $16.95


Food is Elementary: (a hands-on Curriculum for Young Students)- Antonia Demas, Ph.D $20.00


The Scientific Basis of Vegetarianism -William Harris, MD $15.95


Vegan Nutrition Pure and Simple -Michael Klper, MD 96pgs. $10.95


Vegan Nutrition -Gill Langley, MA, PhD, MIBiol 208pgs. $19.95



Audio Recordings:


Veganism in a Nutshell, by Peta’s Bruce Friedrich (67 minutes: With a powerful and clear analysis of the animal cruelty, human misery, environmental degradation, and health problems associated with meat production and consumption, Friedrich makes the case that a vegan diet is the best choice for compassionate people. )

(From )


Videos/Films ( VHS / DVD / MPEG )

            The Witness           

Video list should list titles on

Also recommended, but which do not address veganism

            The Isle of Flowers

This is what Democracy Looks like

            [T.O. Library composting videos were excellent!]


?New World, Hawaii and New Zealand, community and education

Maximum Nutrition DVD with Dr. Michael Gregor

 AVAIL FROM Vegan Essentials








Colleges and Universities

 Look for top educational programs, rated by Veg News, or something.


            Top-ranked vegan-friendly schools are


                                    Animal Rights elective course, when I was there

                                    Also see Vegan-friendly eateries around Santa Cruz, CA


                        Columbia University


                        Humboldt State University




          John Robbins

          Howard Lyman

          Rav Chand




How to live, in order to bring forth the best possible future for the entire planet, and have this planet be an optimal example of life.


The following is information designed to fully educate vegans of all ages, with unbiased, but balanced information about every topic known. This information is free to read, or print, but must not be sold, because it is what people need to know to live.


Therefore, I would like to establish a WVO library of the best materials available, for borrowing, for those who can’t afford to pay to learn how to be healthy, sustainable, aware, responsible, and empowered. What does it take to start this sort of library, without infringing on other people’s copyrights?