Vegan Employment

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Vegan Jobs or Vegan Careers


Also see WVOs Employment Opportunities


The Vegan Society (UK)


People For the Ethical Treatment of Animal (PETA)


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Vegan Money offers to send you a check for 5% of all sales you send them. You must register.


The most vegan money to have, would have to help improve the world, in the best way possible, for you to earn it. Of course, some would argue that the best vegan money you could earn, wouldnít earn you any money at all. In fact, it might cost you. But in the present, free citizens improve their freedom and ability to act intentionally, as toward sustainability and responsibility, with greater incomes of money. Conviction to go solar will not help you, if you canít afford to own and operate the materials to take advantage of its benefits.

There are people, and there are vegans.

There are vegans that have jobs, and ones that donít.

There are vegans who work for companies that are owned and operated completely by vegans, who sell only intentionally vegan products and services, and there are vegans who have other types of work.

There are vegans who try to spend their money with vegan companies over other, wherever possible, and ones who do either choose not to, or donít mentally address the issue. But the bottom line is, the more of our deep issues we plow through, the more we can make good, solid decisions.


All of us that are alive today, can still evolve our sources of power. If we support each other, we can support ourselves, and at the same time usher in the optimal future.


And the quest for vegan money began.


The best money to have, would be money that you earned, by saving people money, and saving animal torture at the same time. Like the people who make fake turkeys, for thanksgiving.


Notes and Questions about Vegan Employment


What do vegans do for work?

What makes a job vegan?

Some vegans work with other vegans, in a business. Pangea is a good example of this.

Some businesses are owned and operated completely by vegans, and sell only products that are intentionally vegan, and guaranteed to be.

Some vegans may have regular jobs, but volunteer regularly, with a formal vegan-related organization.

How many vegans are paid to work for a vegan organization?

How many paid positions are there in animal rights? Maybe breakdown by country.

Some vegans have jobs.

Some vegans have regular ordinary jobs just like omnivores.

Some vegans do not have formal jobs at all.

Some vegans have no formal jobs, but put in a lot of hard work in order to sustain themselves, to improve the situation for all the living, and some do both.