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Board Games


Veganopoly Ė like the traditional game of Monopoly, only tailored to vegans. See Available free if you print your own (, or for about $25 at vegan online stores, such as Pangea (search for Veganopoly)


Vegan Celebrity Memory Game


Cool Piggy Puzzle



Computer Games


Steer Madness Ė a 3-D action adventure game, (see by

Veggie Games Inc. (, release 12/01/2004.


Online Computer Games


Video Games


Whiplash, for Playstation 2 (PS2) and XBOX, does have you destroying an animal-

testing lab, but itís not too much of a vegan game, the way you are constantly abusing the rabbit, who is your principal weapon. For a review that didnít like it much, see


Vegan Gamers

(link to sorted contributors, etc., who are, or claim, to be vegan gamers)


Vegan Games Blog (Blog = Web Log)


Univegan, 050228 314am

I enjoy that I can drive cars and motorcycles in games, and not pollute. I used to ride gas motorcycles, and it was not only polluting, but also dangerous. Now I can get at least some of the same fun, without the major dangers or using gasoline.