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Link to L.A. vegan M.D. & herbalist from Veggie-Q


Solutions to Health Problems

Picture of human, point to the problem area, for subdirectory of most to least common problems associated with it. Ideally have it show a picture of the problem, in real or real-looking diagram cartoon, to help the person understand the problem, and how to solve it.

            i.e. CDC index

            + Paul Pitchford ideas

            listing of best books to have around (or find online), from Jeff’s notes on self-sufficient healthcare.


Nutrition (Influenced by raw, macrobiotic, chemically-sensitive, fruitarian, traditional Chinese medicine, modern scientific research)

            Food combining – synopsis, and simple link to more (i.e. Pitchford pgs. 220-234)

            Food quality – (?The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia, pgs.)

            Meal planning

            Food preparation


Intro on integrative medicine


Practitioners and reviews.


Practitioners by specialty.

            See similar sites for intuitive ideas