History of Veganism

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The History of Veganism (Vegan History)


I have not really found anything that I can remember that was terribly clear about the history of veganism, so there is space here for some clear ideas, and good links. Maybe check out The Vegan Society, and American Vegan Society web sites.


Interviews with Donald Watson

(Donald Watson coined the word “vegan,” and helped to define veganism as we know it today. He is considered by most to be the “father of veganism”)



VegParadise link: Interview on August 11th, 2004 go to http://www.vegparadise.com/ and click on the 24-Carrot Award category. Then look for the article about Donald Watson, which should be the last one of 2004.


History for Vegans

How can veganism relate to the study and understanding of history? Since ethical vegans are typically concerned with the environment and politics on a global level, it makes sense that we should know what has happened to make things the way they are today. Knowing how people and events have influenced the course of history can teach and inspire us to work and act to improve the present and ultimately shape the future. Also see Future of Veganism