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www.VeganChallenge.Org hosts a website, which includes a little discussion of “vegan rock,” where members have mentioned vegan rockers.

To get there, though, you have to go to


1. go to

2. click on the Lifestyle forum (takes you to )

3. click on the Vegan Rock topic ( )


I want to make a list available, that is distilled, organized, more comprehensive, and easier to get to. There are also a lot of musicians to cross reference at



The following should have as many links as useful, along with the information (like how to get the music, asap)


The following music is made by vegans


            Albums: Play (Moby), Hardline (Vegan Reich),



The following bands are vegan

Earth Crisis

            ?Vegan Reich


The following Bands are fronted by vegans


            Bryan Adams


The following bands are partially vegan

            Massive Attack


            Meat Beat Manifesto




The following music deals with vegans as subject matter

            BAND: Propaghandi ALBUM: ? SONG: ?