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Why have a Vegan Products Directory? (see end of page)


If I don’t have any leads written at present for a conceived category, I may just leave the search words (to put in to a search engine) that I would use for further investigation, which is where I stopped my own investigation. For example, see guitar is the closest thing I have found so far like what I want. Just I want way more categories. Really good umbrella idea

is a good start to finding good sites, to look for products, but this actual site has very broad categories, requiring addition work for the searcher, to find the actual product is a non-linked, directory, which lists types of products, and leather-alternative/veggie brands thereof.  Self described it is an easy-to-use list of companies organized by type of product (both link are the same)


For a non-vegan but environmentally friendly (if that is possible) example, see for lists of vegan companies page of vegan links


another page of links


I want there to be a google-like box, where you type in any product name, and you get leads on the most vegan products available. And the key is, for every product, there is a lead. None of this “Request Not Found” stuff. Even for stuff that doesn’t exist, like marshmallows. [updated We got them back!] For things like these, we can post a recipe for marshmallows, and a wanted sign, for opportunistic people, and companies to target. (obsolete example, now that marshmallows are back!)


Furthermore, I would like to have this list direct people through the least possible amount of middlemen, resellers, etc.


And we should have some way of getting anything vegan. There should be a price, and an online order form, maybe a phone number


Maybe have a feature that asks what product someone is trying to substitute for, to link to the various options.



Vegan Communities-

Vegan Housing-Houses, apartments, condominiums, and other living  buy, places to rent, Apartment – Eco houses, see real goods for ideas…



      Honda has hybrid




Toyota has





Bike (rather not use oil /petroleum & chemicals? If you don’t mind your chain & sprocket area getting a little dirty sometimes, use kitchen varieties of oil (vegetable, canola, olive etc.)



Computer-because of their current resistance to viruses, future computers will be Apple

Toiletries- has certified organic cotton personal care items such as





            Paul Mitchell?


            Beauty Without Cruelty





Body Soap

Grooming Supplies

            Nail Clippers 



                                    TRIM (Bassett, USA)


Food and drink





Alcohol-related: Beer, wine, spirits, hard alcohol, what brands of alcohol are vegan?

Pet food (cat, dog…)

Medicine (O.T.C. and Prescription / Rx )

First Aid (how to fix yourself, cure yourself, ...)


Alphabetical Directory of products


A – Apples [issue: shellac] (Washington, Macintosh, …)

            ?produce suppliers, mailing


B – Books, Brownies (vegan online mailable, recipe link), belts

            Belt- removable belt buckle type:, belts section, called “removable buckle casual belt” cost 16.95, removes with 2 screws


For unisex vegan fashion belts:



C – Clothing Clothes, Computers, Condoms (pangea sells some), Cookies, Cookware,

Cosmetics, Costumes,


underwear see UNDERWEAR

shirts, see shirts

Clean Clothes, Organic cotton t-shirts..?

blue long-sleeve company mission, business info

compare to others, such as:

    is sweatshop free, and has an introductory line of organic cotton basics (6).


Maggies, Functional Organics, since 1992 (blue long-sleeve)


    Has black goth-inspired vegan pinback buttons and t-shirts.






            Uncle Eddie’s

                        Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

   (chameleon taste, not nutrition philosophy)



See tips by Paul Pitchford, p. 412-414.

Investigating warranty, construction, and actual user feedback from using the Viking, and Sur La Table brands of stainless steel cookware, as well as the ideal products

The All-Clad, made in USA, (not their China-produced, less expensive

pieces), are the best I’ve found to date. Still need to know if their steel is vegan. Also would like to know if the vegsource comment is true, about steel leeching with the cooking of acidic foods, such as tomatoes, because stainless steel is mixed with nickel. See


                        Clay baker, see:


D – dessert (see cookies, )


E – Educational Materials, Egg / Egg Replacer

Educational Materials

Maximum Nutrition DVD with Dr. Michael Gregor

 If you or someone you know needs assistance in the transition to a plant-based diet, this is the ultimate DVD to help answer questions and really get you on the way to a healthier lifestyle! Dr. Michael Gregor, a graduate of the Cornell University School of Agriculture and Tufts University School of Medicine, guides you through the essentials of vegan dietary information, dispelling myths and supplying you with solid facts while clarifying the latest medical and nutritional research. You'll get the latest in cutting-edge nutrition, details on the wonders of phyto-nutrients, info on cooking with plant superfoods, vegetarian and vegan meal planning, not to mention step-by-step recipes that you can try out yourself. This DVD really has it all, and having met Dr. Gregor on a few occasions we can say that he really is a true authority on his subjects, knowing vegan nutrition and dietary requirements like few others do. At 2 hours long, you're sure to come away with a lot of useful new knowledge and perhaps a few new dishes to cook, too! $19.95 per copy.


F – Flowers [issue: picking flowers] hotmail roses, drawing flowers, digital pictures, Furniture





G- Games (veganopoly, ), Guitars (see environmentally sourced acoustic guitars, vegan guitar straps,


H- House

Building (environmentally&epid. sound)


See wood finishes, under Furniture





J- Jewelry


K- kitchen (see cookware…), knives,


L – Laundry Detergent

            Lip Balms


Make-up, see cosmetics


Music (by genre) (also see Free the music)

Musical Instruments (see Guitar, …)





O – Office supplies


P – Photography/ Pictures (digital), Power (Solar, electric, human-powered)


Q -


R – Recipes, Recycling [issue: everything, Recycle Everything Directory (RED)]


S – Shirts, Soap, Shoes, Socks (mostly organic), Sponges, Steel, Sunglasses,




s-3xl $14.60 natural color only sweatshop-free and organic cotton



Soap- forward message regarding all soap

Shoes- see and

For vegan shoes:



T – Toothpaste (Tom’s of Maine?, Nature’s Gate), Toothbrushes (Fuch’s?),

Toothbrush (ranked)

1.                  ALMOST IDEAL (the company also produces animal-ingredient models!), BUT I HAVEN’T TESTED: Fuchs Ekotec Replaceable Head Toothbrushes (has minimal replacements (reduce), but watch out for their “natural bristle,” which is “bristles are carefully harvested from a special breed of boar using a process similar to sheering sheep”) see


2.         Weird handle one, (recycles). Have to recycle the whole thing, every time you get a new one (handle + bristles)

3.                  Radius has been recommended, but look into the company


Also see        


Toothpaste (forward on, and links re: Fluoride, optimal Dentists, Mercury, baking soda),

            Tom’s of Maine

            Nature’s Gate

            Weleda Pink Toothpaste



Transportation (Bike, Scooter, EVs,)






                                       (sweatshop-free, organic cotton, $9, natural color)



V -

For vegan vitamins


W- Water, Wood Finishes

            Wood Finishes

Kitchen Utensil Finishes (i.e. butcher blocks, wooden spoons, utensils

The following is from this link, and they disclose all their ingredients, though I have not seen them address being organic, biodegradable or specifically vegan.

Block Bros. Block Oil is a unique blend of oils that penetrate, condition, and seal all natural wood surfaces. It keeps wood from cracking, drying, or absorbing food odors. The lemon oil formula containing vitamin E will never become rancid. Our Block Oil also protects knives and cutlery from corrosion. Only the purest ingredients enable us to produce this safe, natural finish. Use Block Bros. Block Oil every four to eight weeks to restore and protect wood surfaces in your kitchen and home.

                        040302: Organic cutting board oil?


Wood oils: Mineral Oil for wooden kitchen products, to avoid eventual cracking,…  (I got Block Oil brand, because although it wasn’t organic, one other had beeswax, and the other didn’t disclose the ingredients, and I really needed it that day.) accessed 040303 155am, says makers use a variety of oils, all of which we ruled out for various reasons. Vegetable, olive, peanut and walnut oils can become rancid, build up on the surface and/or leave an odor or taste that can affect delicate foods. Originally we tried plain mineral oil, which is food-safe and brings out the wood's natural color but provides little moisture resistance. After one or two washings the wood becomes dull and dry.
Since Bob had been a beekeeper he was familiar with beeswax which is naturally food-safe. Blended with mineral oil, it did wonders for our new hard maple spoons. Not only did it penetrate into the wood and leave a beautiful sheen, but even after numerous washings, the spoons still looked great.


So try to find a mineral oil, and mix it with a non-bee wax (vegetable wax? I know that veganessentials carries soywax candles!)


                        Furniture Finishes

               offers a furniture oil for the same price as the manufacturer (might as well help vegans make some money at the same time, and bought from vegan companies) called Sweet Cicely Furniture Oil, by Wise Ways ( a company which does mention that their manufacturing farm has

“Angora rabbits that provide fluffy fiber to make wild hats and Icelandic sheep raised for their fine wool to spin and weave warm clothing.” 040303 234am)

That having been said, according to that same link, this company boasts “We never test on animals, use animal tested ingredients, or synthetic chemicals or preservatives.”

According to their website, the manufacturing farm, Singing Brook Farm, is certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers. And so, though their product doesn’t state it, this product may be made of 100% organic ingredients, and it also maybe completely biodegradable. Then again, maybe not.


The following company, has developed furniture finish they claim to be non-toxic, though I have not found anything in English, the only language I am proficient in, describing anything about the company (i.e. to find out if they use organic ingredients,

 They are touted as using “Phytochemistry w/ the Longest Experience Worldwide”



Manufactured by LIVOS Pflanzenchemie GmbH & Co. KG, D-29568 Wieren, Germany

US Reseller is, where some information is available about Livos products.

Finishing/Livos Inquiries:       >>











Why have a Vegan Products Directory?


Every time someone looks for the ingredients of a product, to see if it is vegan, they risk misinterpretation, and the redundancy which results from not knowing ahead of time, by recommendation, which products are ideal for them.


By knowing what you want before you get to the store, you can be surer, more conveniently.