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Vegan Organic Raw food bars – Now if we could only eat or recycle the



Earth Balance – vegan version of margarine or butter


Red Star Nutritional Yeast


Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Cookies-


Aubergine eggplant pesto- by Affi’s Marin Gourmet. Ingredients: mesquite grilled eggplant, a light olive oil, garlic, spices and sea salt. Contact: or phone (415) 457 3333. San Rafael, CA 94901. Though as of 041011 they didn’t say on their website anywhere that this stuff is vegan, the ingredients are listed, and the Aubergine product is marked vegan on the actual label on the container’s lid. This company also has a handful of other flavors. I LOVE this stuff, though it is a bit hard to come by, and is a bit pricy. They use sea salt, avoid preservatives, and claim to grow their own eggplant, garlic, and herbs, which might explain why they do not even address being organic. They have a simple website, an online store, and their products are available in a limited scope of markets, mostly in the San Francisco area, of Northern California. The shipping cost might prevent small orders, especially to people farther away from there. They are also merchants at various health & veg- related events, and farmer’s markets, from Sacramento to San Diego, which is how I found out about them from the Los Angeles area.  –JPB 041011 845pm