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To enable the best environmental impact of our lives on the world, we might well address the uses of power and industrial pollution it takes to power the cars we buy and drive.


What is wrong with gas?

            Typical gasoline – recent USC study of pollution effects on children

What options do we have?

            High MPG (gov website of MPG & tons of pollution, etc), least-impact vehicles, carpooling,

How can I make the most significant difference, without having to pay lots of money?


Have ACTION-ORIENTED, implement-this-today ideas readily available to post or link to this page

Get Green!

How to save money and help the environment at the same time


The Lightest Tread


To achieve the highest quality environment for all life to live in, requires that we all do our best to improve our impact on the world. When we drive, we not only have to try not to run into the innocent animals whom we sometimes endanger, but also try not to pollute, or otherwise devalue, our larger natural planetary well-being, by our decisions to use gasoline, and support the markets of various car manufacturers, among other issues.


 To purposefully improve the conditions of the world, we must overcome the various obstacles to living sustainably. Rather than aiming to simply minimize our negative impact, it is best that we aim to actually improve the places of the world that we live, travel through, and visit, throughout our lives.


Since vegans tend to be concerned with animals, and the supportive nourishing environments in which we and all the living are dependent of the planet live, to be fully aware and careful of our effects on the well-being of the world, m




Depending on where you are, where you’re going, how much time, money, and knowledge you have, you can make the best decision in finding the best transportation for wherever you’re going, and whatever you’re doing.


Can you, and are you willing to live your life optimally in a place that offers sustainable transportation?


Where are these places, and how do they affect the rest of our lives? What additional constraints, if any, should people know about, when considering planet-friendly transportation?


The main things to address when reviewing transportation options typically are: cost, convenience, effect on environment, effect to the living, and sustainability.


Some of the most practical strategies toward improving the cleanliness of


Solar cars are a ways from replacing the gas-guzzlers, but what we can we really do for with the cost and availability of a real what we can with the technology available/affordable today.


Optimal transportation, by city.


Are electric cars available in any cities or countries?


Electric cars

still need a solar backbone for guaranteed clean energy source (charge electric vehicles from house, house outfitted with solar panels for energy capture, and operated efficiently)

Electric Motorcycles

            Street Motorcycles

E-cycle, and zappy both used to manufacture electric motorcycles

            Off-Road Motorcycles

This company builds and sells electric motocross bikes (MSRP $4699,

with a comparison to a new Honda XR 250)  

(also listed on Vegan Recreation page)



In some smaller, compact, or flat areas, often a large biking population will flourish, which acclimates car drivers to their presence, making it nicer and easier to live car free.



In places such as London, (which city), New York, USA, it is possible through a grid of regularly running trains to access a large area, without the need for a car, or cost of taking a taxi.




Goal: Clean NRG in, Pollution-free out. Range of 300-500 miles, powered anywhere, by off-grid clean-burning electricity, off-grid NRG, grid-electricity, solar, or onboard windmills (which detect windspeed, and open when efficient to, as is perpendicular winds, or when wind is strong and the car is parked). Fully Recycleable batteries. Full size car, bumpable bumpers, navigation system, multiband radio.  is a solar panel kit for RVs which might adapt to cars, if it was legal…


Current Standards



            Social invention = resource reduction +  social integration

CAR:  Gas powered vehicles = distance, refueling generally convenient, though somewhat toxic, powerful, full size. Pollution reversible?

Hybrid = distance, powerful, full size, sends strong message to industry, fuels anywhere gas one does. No additional inputs for clean energy.

Electric = limited distance

Solar = not full size



TAXI: Expensive for long-range commuting